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From Iowa Mama:

I think Ava was about 5 months when she started eating and then I just
really gave her anything she wanted. Bread, pasta, crackers, she just gummed
it and it worked. Bananas are easy to give just whole and they bite them and
gum them up in their mouth then swallow. At least she did that. If he chokes
just give a good whack or two on the back between his shoulder blades.
Yogurt is good, and soy milk in a bottle or cup, she loved that. Really
after her 1st 4 teeth were in at about 10 months, she had already been
eating tons of stuff. Now she has 3 meals a day and snacks and nurses. Also
try things 3-5 times and they might start to like it more, like the peas.

*Special Bonus Section: Making Baby Food Sleepless Mother Style*

From Gallerina Mama:

I supplied the milk and Ana's Dad spent hours researching everything organic she could eat. She started with something, don't remember what, at 4 months-ish old. It was probably rice cereal, hand ground by organic monks in Tibet while they chanted a pure- food prayer.  Her Dad would blend all organic vegetables and fruit, while I marveled (resented)  his energy and ability to food process with a smile on his face after only 3 hours of sleep. If it had been up to me, I would have given her a whole peach and said, "Go for it". 

A big teething favorite was an ice cold very firm dill pickle. That kept her occupied for hours. She ate absolutely everything and always has. The only allergic reaction was to a strawberry, but that was at age 4 years and she can eat them now. One time we asked her if she would rather have a cookie or a stalk of broccoli and my perfect child chose the broccoli. She still does. Except if there are brownies around.

From Sierra Madre Madre:
When Jeff was a baby, when he was about 7 months (or 8 months) old, I
tried to give him a spoonful of applesauce.  I spent a half hour
scraping it off his face ... I don't think that any of it got in his
mouth, much less his stomach. His Peds doc said, "Don't worry about it;
when he's hungry for something besides nursing, he'll show you." And by
the time he was around 10 months to a year, he started eating "people food." 
He weighed 25 pounds at 6 months just with nursing, so he was well
nourished, I'd guess.  He was always in the 100% area of the height and
weight chart, so why worry?
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