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Making The Food

When I made my first batch of baby food I was so proud of myself. I felt like uber Earth Mama, uber provider, very, very primal feelings ziplocked in joy. True, I've only made lunches and dinners as I hate coring apples and pears (breakfast fare). And it's true I bought bunches of organic carrots from the Hollywood Farmer's Market, but the bunches sat in the crisper until it was too late to use them for anything except rabbit food. And I confess I had a tiny bit of prepackaging help because I hate peeling squash and potatoes and detaching broccoli from the stalk. But Trader Joe's sells packages of organic squash, broccoli and baby carrots and those didn't sit around long before they found their way into my steamer. Even though Sassa says never to use Trader Joe's vegetables because sometimes they come from China. But I'm pretty sure the carrots I'm feeding my baby did not come from China. The package says USA. But of course you can't believe everything you read.

So many crucial decisions to make as a new sleepless mother.

How I Do It
Have your pen and paper handy? Don't worry! I was a little nervous my first try, too. Here you go:

1. Steam food
2. Puree

The books came in handy here, for once offering consistent advice. They all said to store the baby food in ice cube trays. I have those slick, blue trays made of plastic--or I used to. When I tried to pop the baby food out, the trays cracked in half and blue splinters soared. So I went to Ikea. They have interesting trays there made of rubbery stuff. I Googled the material, but couldn't find anything toxic or negative so I filled the trays with baby food, waiting until the food cooled before pouring it into the trays as I'm sure the trays aren't used to anything hot. You know what? Perhaps more research is necessary. I just felt a stab of fear. If you find out anything new, let me know.

The cubes are easy to pop out, the shapes are fun. I particularly like the puzzle pieces vs. the triangles. I wish I'd purchased two puzzle pieces tray instead of one puzzle pieces and one triangles, but after using the triangles I've decided I like them. I still like the puzzle pieces best, though. Here's what I'm talking about:

cool trays
But you decide:
second favorite
fantastic puzzle pieces

Yes! I know. The puzzle pieces are far superior.

What I Do

1. Pour puree into trays (after puree cools!!)
2. Cover trays with plastic wrap
3. Freeze 24 hours
4. Pop out and store in freezer bags for up to (I forget--where's the book??)

What I've Made


Alternate view

Butternut squash puree
Butternut squash and broccoli puree (see photos)
Butternut squsah, broccoli and sweet potato puree with rice cereal (his favorite)

Further Reading

Try Anabel Karmel's books. I look forward to her second stage and beyond recipes. She has a calming sense of humor.  And she looks beautiful and is quite famous. I love her. She inspires me the days I'm covered in puree and spit up. 

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